Emergency Medical Tent


This inflatable emergency hospital tent is an option for treating patients when hospitals are overloaded with patients. It is safe from environmental factors as it's fireproof and impermeable. It is sewn together with the highest-quality PVC material and it is a strong and durable structure.

The tent can be customized to any size you prefer. Please call to verify the availability of the product.

To order medical tents, you must call us at +1 951 777 2670 to provide us details about it.


Size: 30m x 6m x 3m (customizable)

Color: white and red

Material: 0.6mm 1000D PVC tarpaulin

Inflatable medical tents are essential in situations where emergency rooms and hospitals are overwhelmed or when it's not safe to be outside. Depending on the size, these tents can provide space for dozens of people, or supplies. They are made out of strong and durable 0.6mm 1000D PCV tarpaulin material which makes this emergency medical tent a great option, even in harsher conditions of temperature, humidity, winds, etc, as it is fireproof and impermeable

These tents can be set up quickly and easily, with minimal equipment and personnel, and they can just as easily be taken down with the right technique. Otherwise, this simple structure is of great quality, so you won't need to worry about any maintenance of your inflatable medical shelters.


fireproof and impermeable

made with high quality materials

appropriate size

great emergency alternative

strong and durable